Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro Activation (sams_upd)

  • Date: 08 Jan 2021

Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro Activation

Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro Activation (sams_upd)

How to Update?

Do I need this activation?

Please provide us with your Z3X serial number (XXXXXXXX 8 characters) while placing an order.

Serial number of your Z3X box could be found using Z3X Shell software

How to find Z3X Serial Number

As soon as activation is added, you will receive a notification via email.

After that you have to update the smart-card of your Z3X Box.

Update Instructions:

  • Update your box using Z3X Shell software
  • Press “Settings and Hardware Tools”
  • Click “Run Hardware Wizard”
  • Click “Add New Activations”
  • And then click “Next”

Z3X Upd Activation is a must for everyone who wants to use the latest version of Samsung PRO software and who activated Z3X Samsung box or Z3X activation before 20th of July 2014.

Z3X Samsung Upd activation is included in all Z3X boxes or Z3X Samsung activations added or activated after 20th of July 2014.

If your Z3X Box or Z3X Samsung activation were activated through Shell before 20th of July 2014, you have to purchase Z3X Samsung Upd activation!

How to check if Z3X Upd activation is needed and could be added to my Z3X box?

  • Please launch Z3X Shell software
  • Choose "Settings and Hardware Tools" section
  • Press “Run Hardware Wizard”
  • And check “Show Card Info”, as on these screenshots:
Show Card Info
Read Information

If you have activated Samsung Tool and Z3X Samsung Tool PRO not activated, then you can add Z3X Upd activation.

If both aren’t activated, then you need another Z3X Samsung activation

Package Content:

  • Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro Activation (sams_upd)

The product is digital - no packaging!
When we confirm your payment and process your order, we will send detailed instructions to your email.

DO NOT EXPECT ANY CARD SHIPPED to you. The plastic card on the picture is only for design purposes.

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