Check mi account status: lost or clean

    Check mi account status: lost or clean

    You can check the status of mi account : clean or lost, if you have access to the phone !

    How to do it:

    - Turn on the phone and you see this information on the device screen, according to this image, there is no information that the device from Xiaomi is in the lost mode

    - Next, we connect the device to the Internet and reboot the device

    - After the device turns on - if it is in the Lost mode, you will see the following information on the device screen (there will be a text that the device is lost, etc. and a contact number)

    - If this information is not displayed on the device screen, then most likely the device has a clean status

  • Date: 27 Dec 2021
  • Publisher: gsmserverpro
  • Category: Xiaomi