Samsung A01 A015F EDL Mode Test Point PINOUT

    Samsung A01 A015F EDL Mode Test Point PINOUT

    Find EDL MODE FOR Samsung A01 A015F

    • Power off the device if possible.
    • Open back cover of dead Samsung A01 A015F. [You may do Google to tear down Samsung A01 A015F at home]

    [Be careful at the time of removing the back cover of the device and make sure you are not going to damage any hardware of the device]

    • Once you are able to remove the back cover, disconnect the battery connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode.
    • Now make a jumper to visible the edl points of Samsung A01 A015F as shown below.

    Samsung A01 A015F EDL Test Point EDL 9008 Mode

    • Now EDL mode or Samsung A01 A015F edl test points are in front of you. And you can use them to install the firmware on Samsung A015F without unlocking bootloader.

    So guys this is all about Samsung A01 A015F emergency downloading mode or edl mode. Now you can find the Samsung A01 A015F EDL test points easily.

  • Date: 11 Feb 2021
  • Publisher: administrator