1.Activate OEM + USB Dep, unlock bootloader and flash firmware Bolivia A217MUBS5AUA1_A217MOWO5AUA1_BVO

    2. Install magisk apk, patch the firm AP then extract it on the PC and just separate the Boot.img.
    Finally give it a .tar format with 7Zip and flash it with ODIN
    (or just flash the boot that leaves: v)

    3. Verify OEM + DEP activated and install magisk.apk with wifi activated, accept fast reboot, wait for it to finish and it will be root

    4. Patch direct first. (There are no dates to choose from)

    5. uninstall magsk apk and enable: * # 0808 #
    choose the last option: DM + USB + MTP (I think it's like that XD) then repair, if it fails to do it again until it takes longer than normal, there it will just repair (it worked for me on the 2nd)

    6. Repeat step 3 and patch (only option)

    place a chip and wait, it will take from 3 to 7 min in my case the first time, after it seizes the signal, restart normal and wait again, then just change the simcard and Done it will not take so long to raise the signal.

    BEWARE, it is not necessary to do a hard reset in any way, or to patch it again, or to do another Chimera procedure, as it is normal for patching and repairing with these steps.

  • Date: 19 May 2021
  • Publisher: gsmserverpro