Download INFINIX X660B Factory Singed Firmware

    Today am going to show how to flash Infinix X660B phones

    Today am going to show how to flash Infinix X660B phones
    Following are the preparations before flashing the update on the Mediatekchpset smartphone.

    1. Mtk Driver
    2. Usb Mediatek
    3. SP Flashtool, Nck-Box And Cm2  is compatible with the mobile version
    4. Computer running Windows OS
    5. usb cable
    6. Firmware according to the type of smartphone
    7. Smartphone battery contains at least 50%

    If you have prepared everything you want, follow the guide below properly:
    1. Download and install Usb Driver
    2. Download and install the Mediatek driver 
    3. Download and extract the firmware file
    4. Download and open SP Flashtool.exe
    5. Select File Scatter Loading on SP Flashtool
    6. Navigate to the extracted firmware file .
    7. Fill in the scatter in the firmware .
    8. Wait until SP Flashtool finishes filling in or setting up the firmware file
    9. Click Download on SP Flashtool and wait for it to finish.

    10. When finished, a green circle will appear which indicates that your smartphone has been successful in the flashing update.
    The process above does not take too long, about 5 or 10 minutes depending on the size of the firmware that you fill in, make sure that during the flashing process there are no disturbances on the computer , such as a knocked cable which can cause it to break in the middle of the road, this can impact your smartphone shutting down if it's like that you have to repeat the flashing process again from the beginning. most of the problems that occur when you flash with SP Flashtool are stopping after running for a few seconds. for cases like this it often happens because the flashtool is not suitable for use. or the firmware file that doesn't match.

    Keep in mind that sp flashtool is only used on smartphones when you are pressed. because to do the flashing process can be very risky it can cause the cellphone to completely die if it fails. sp flashtool is only used to fix software problems or rooting smartphones with Mediatek chipsets , so it cannot be used for smartphones with Snapdragon chipset or the other. Good luck
  • Date: 03 Nov 2021
  • Publisher: gsmserverpro